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Forensic Meteorology

The investigation and review of historical weather events in a court case requires meticulous knowledge of meteorological conditions where the incident occurred. Forensic meteorologists can be retained to retrieve and analyze data for any location, and then provide their expert conclusions regarding the event. The National Storm Consultants Forensics Team thoroughly prepares site-specific reports that reconstruct the precise weather conditions for the specific address in question to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty. After reviewing the data, we formulate an opinion based on peer-reviewed research, experience, and accepted methodology. On large cases, we can collaborate to formulate a consensus opinion.

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Consultations can include:

  • Detailed site-specific reports & weather briefings

  • Trial & deposition testimony

  • Weather-related incident overviews

  • Analysis of reports and rebuttals prepared by experts

  • Lightning strike data & mapping

  • Weather radar data & analysis

  • High-resolution precipitation data

  • Unique, global historical weather data

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