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The National Storm Consultants provides a variety of meteorological services and tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Forensic Meteorology


The National Storm Consultants Forensics Team thoroughly prepares site-specific reports that reconstruct the precise weather conditions for the specific address in question to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty. After reviewing the data, we formulate an opinion based on peer-reviewed research, experience, and accepted methodology. On large cases, we can collaborate to formulate a consensus opinion.

24/7 Weather Monitoring


Our Global Weather Operations Center  can provide 24/7/365 meteorological monitoring for company assets, property locations and transportation fleets all across the world. This helps our clients manage and significantly reduce their risks due to weather related losses. 

Weather Forecasts


The National Storm Consultants Forecasting Team can provide site and time specific forecasts for clients who need custom made forecasts. Whether it be an outdoor venue event, concert, amusement park, or a wedding, we can provide timely, accurate forecasts to meet your needs.    

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