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Real-Time Monitoring

  • Improve Safety

               With our real-time fleet monitoring to include meteorological threats, we dramatically improve fleet and asset safety.

  • Reduce Costs

               Our meteorological forecasts and reports can quickly ascertain the weather threat allowing management to make                             adjustments or change direction as needed reducing or eliminating costly delays and loss.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

               Customers love to know exactly where their delivery is and when it will arrive. Our real time weather monitoring offers the                 ability to provide updates in real time, along with troubleshooting any issues or delays.

  • Optimize Routes

               By utilizing our real-time monitoring and weather forecasts, managers are able to plan out routes that are both effective                     and efficient. Information that allows fleet productivity to be maximized.

  • Real-Time Notifications

               By offering real-time notifications, we can provide updates on life-threatening weather conditions such as tornadoes, hail,                   winter weather conditions, and high winds. Managers and drivers can be instantly notified if threats are forecast or                           imminent.

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Consultations can include:

  • Detailed site-specific reports & weather briefings

  • Trial & deposition testimony

  • Weather-related incident overviews

  • Analysis of reports and rebuttals prepared by experts

  • Lightning strike data & mapping

  • Weather radar data & analysis

  • High-resolution precipitation data

  • Unique, global historical weather data


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